How do i find my order

I ordered 2 items on Jan 18th I am curious when they will be shipped. My order # is 206243.
Can someone let me know what to expect. [email protected]


Dee Moloney Nargi


Dee M. February 2, 2017

Can you let me know approx when I can expect to get the email to rectify the shipping shortage?
Thanks for your help.

Rebecca S. February 2, 2017
Hi there, it looks like we reached out on the 31st! It's possible our email may have ended up in your spam inbox--I can resend our message but in the meantime, would you mind giving that a check? Hopefully we can connect very soon
Rebecca S. January 31, 2017
Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear your order arrived incomplete! We can certainly get this corrected. I'll send you an email and we'll get this all squared away for you :)
Rebecca S. January 31, 2017
Hi Dee! You can see all your order details via this link ( It looks like your Le Parfait 11 Ounce Jelly Jars were delivered yesterday (!!) and the Star-Shaped French Sugar Cubes have shipped and should arrive on the 6th. If something isn't quite right about this or, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the rest of the team at [email protected]! We're always available to help with anything you might need.
Dee M. January 31, 2017
Hi Thanks so much. I was excited to get home to find a package from Food 52 and that the jelly jars had shipped. However, after opening them the packing slip was correct it listed 6 jars but only 4 jars were in the box. :( Can you let me know how to proceed to get the remaining 2? The packing ship listed 6 and it did not say there was a back order or anything.
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