What simple 'retro' convenience food product do you keep on hand, even if it's unhealthy and bad form?

I keep Jiffy Pop popcorn in those aluminium puff up trays. Cheep Chicken Pot Pies and Spam, and Ramen noodles.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • January 31, 2017


aargersi February 3, 2017
Campbell's tomato soup, tater tots, and my husband is a Stove Top Stuffing and All Things Poppin' Fresh guy!!!
PHIL February 1, 2017
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Doris February 1, 2017
Frozen chicken pot pie's, frozen burritos,and even if I do love to bake and do it frequently Store-bought cookies,
Doris February 1, 2017
Frozen chicken pot pie's, frozen burritos,and even if I do love to bake and do it frequently Store-bought cookies,
Nancy February 1, 2017
Vegetable bouillon cubes, potato flakes (for bread dough), a phase of using box cake and pudding mixes to make "cake in a mug" (now thankfully over), dehydrated onion flakes for a hit of flavor if I've run out of fresh onions.
ktr February 1, 2017
I too use dehydrated onion flakes when I've either run out of onions or are too lazy to cut an onion. And, I've got dehydrated vegetable soup mix for making a quick soup at work if there is nothing else in the house to bring.
ChefJune February 1, 2017
Jarred mayonnaise, Hoisin sauce, that's about it.
Liz D. February 1, 2017
Ramen, chicken bouillon granules (for making homemade rice-a-roni--gotta have that fakey chicken flavor!) canned soup.
BerryBaby February 1, 2017
Forgot the canned chicken and potato flakes.
ktr February 1, 2017
Fish sticks for the kids.
Chicken and beef boullion powder for those times I forget to take the homemade broth out of the freezer. (which I just realized I forgot to do for tonight)
Jarred spaghetti sauce and salsa.

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PieceOfLayerCake February 1, 2017
Sometimes, nothing tastes quite as good as old fashioned tuna fish casserole with cream of mushroom soup, canned tuna, egg noodles and a can of bread crumbs. I'll even throw in frozen peas for good measure.
Smaug February 1, 2017
Pepperidge Farms Apple Turnovers- a decadent flashback to my college days. Worcestershire sauce.
frecklywench February 2, 2017
those turnovers are undeniable!
Smaug February 3, 2017
Yeah, I decided at one point "I can do better than that"- my homemade, buttery pastry and filling were certainly far superior by any measure, but somehow, just didn't add up as well- I think their blandness is actually a positive. By the way, I recently tried the raspberry for the first time- not bad.
Ali W. February 1, 2017
Chicken bullion powder/cubes. Guilty as charged.
BerryBaby February 1, 2017
Saltines and chocolate frosting (homemade), Ramen, Ritz crackers, Tater Tots, fish sticks, canned chicken noodle soup, bologna, pimento cheese on a jar.
Imogen January 31, 2017
Pam spray, potato flakes
Windischgirl January 31, 2017
Frozen pizzas and canned soup, to placate my college-age son on those nights I have to work late and he doesn't want leftovers. But I do go for the organic varieties...
rebecca January 31, 2017
Donut holes. I'm from the town that makes spam so I always have that on hand :)
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