Good morning! I am making caramel chocolate truffle. When I poured the caramel into the chopped chocolate, it became hard and all the oil came out.

Gina Diazgranados
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PieceOfLayerCake February 2, 2017
The chocolate's unfortunately very difficult to come back from that. Broken chocolate is salvageable, but when chocolate seizes, I toss it. The caramel was too hot when you added it to the chocolate. I've made caramel-chocolate ganache before but there was cream in the caramel.
BakerRB February 2, 2017
Hi! As a salvage attempt I'd put everything over very low heat, stir frequently, and see if it will come back together. My guess is that the caramel was too hot when added to too much cool chocolate. My method if starting from scratch would be to make a caramel that is still soft when it cools (not just caramelized sugar, but sugar and cream). I'd melt or partially melt the chocolate with some cream then add warm (not blazing hot) caramel. Good luck!
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