Vegas restaurant recommendations?

I'm going to Vegas for the first time later this month and I'd love your recommendations for spots to eat and any other must-sees or must-dos (aside from gambling -- it's not really my thing). Thank you!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


Stephanie February 8, 2017
Off the beaten path - like in the suburbs - but we really enjoyed Honey Salt. I'm not much into gambling either but really enjoyed walking the strip (there's some great people watching!)
Lost_in_NYC February 8, 2017
Visit Red Rock Canyon for a nice hike and mountain scenery and rent ATVs for a dessert experience!
Lindsay-Jean H. February 8, 2017
Many thanks all!
HalfPint February 7, 2017
My college roommate celebrated her 40th in Vegas and was recommended Casa di Amore, off the Strip. They have this spicy garlicky Gypsy Pasta that was so good. There's even complimentary transportation. Yep, they'll pick up and drop off at your hotel.
Doug C. February 6, 2017
My wife and I go to Vegas 2-3 times per year for business. There are a lot of celebrity-chef restaurants ("outposts", by and large). The quality of the outposts can be hit & miss. One of our all time favorites was at Chef Jose Andres' restaurant Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. They had very good, unique cocktails. The dish that knocked us over was Paella... the best paella we've ever had. It was served to the table directly from in a large copper paella pan that it had been prepared in.

While many casinos look close to one another, it's often a trek "through, up and around" from one property to the next making it deceiving time and distance-wise. I'd recommend a cab or Uber to go between properties. It is often worth going between properties if you see a restaurant you want to try.
Niknud February 6, 2017
Ooo - we went to Vegas two years ago for our anniversary and I have to say that Nobu in Caesar's Palace had to have been one of the best meals in my life. They had a black cod miso glaze thingy that I still have dreams about. We just told our server the dollar amount (and it was obscene in retrospect) that we wanted to spend on dinner and told him to go nuts. Which was a great approach - we got to try things we would never have thought to try before and it was wonderful.

My only recommendation about Vegas besides that is to not overstay. We ended up staying five days and I felt like it was a bit too long - all the noise and people and food got to be a little overwhelming after a while. Was happy to get home. But for sure the highlight of the trip was all the delicious food.

Other places to check out - Rao's (although you have one in NYC so maybe you've checked it out before). The sweet potato fries at Guy Fieri's burger place were also excellent (dusted with vanilla sugar) though I thought the burgers weren't completely memorable. And really, you should probably check out one of the buffets because you're in Vegas and you should do a buffet. I'm pretty sure it's mandatory if you're in Sin City. Have a great time!
Jr0717 February 5, 2017
If you have a car and want to get a couple of great photographs of the mountains, take the 215 to the Far Hills exit in Summerlin. Get off and drive up toward the mountains until there's no more road (you'll pass a firehouse and then the paved road will end). If you go at dusk, you can see the whole city light up!

As far as restaurants go, you have a plethora of options on the Strip in terms of famed, infamous, and fancy-schmancy, as well as every fast good place you could imagine. My best recommendation there is to check out the Eater maps for a heads-up on the most recently opened and enjoyed.

Enjoy your trip and have a blast!
anka February 4, 2017
Take full-day tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and see a show by Cirque du Soleil.
Emily |. February 4, 2017
For a casual bite, I love Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesars. Sit at the counter and watch the older chef hand-stretch the noodles!
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