Mexico City recommendations?

Hi everyone!

Going to Mexico City in the middle of the month and would love your recommendations—eating (especially), but otherwise, too! Museums, markets, stores. We're a little daunted by the size of the city and could use some direction. We're also headed to Oaxaca.

Thank you in advance!

Sarah Jampel


Ashley H. January 18, 2017
Check out Fonda Mayora, El Califa, and Hotel Parque Mexico. All amazing! Also, I run a travel company that connects travelers with locals over coffee or drinks. We have a wonderful local in Mexico City, who is a phenomenal cook, aspiring restaurant owner, and current investor in small local farms. You can find him on our webpage: If you use discount code NEWYEAR before Feb 1, you can get 20% off. Happy planning!
Lauren R. January 6, 2017
Sorry if this is a lot, but one more spot!

Walk away from Bellas Artes, the palace, and down Lopez street. Three blocks down, you'll find a long stall with a red awning/cover with a sign that says "Ricos Tlacoyos y Quesadillas Lights." What sets this place apart from the dozens of other stands are the guisados which they will fold into each quesadilla by request. These were the best quesadillas I've ever had. Just order a bunch of different kinds :)
Lauren R. January 6, 2017
It's definitely daunting but such a wonderful, vibrant place. PLEASE go to:

El Hidalguense - This place was incredible. They do lamb barbacoa only on Fri-Sun (check the hours too). The lamb is raised in nearby countryside and roasted in the ground wrapped in banana leaves. It's really special. Be sure to also order the tacos de escamoles here (larvae) and some of their interesting queso preparations. Also, sopes. They make a delicious consomme of the lamb as well. Pretty much everything here was wonderful, hospitality included. Cash only though!!!

Fonda Margarita: In Coyoacan, this is a really old school breakfast joint. They serve different specialities depending on the day of the week. Just get whatever they are ordering plus the sensational quenelle of beans cooked in lard.

Contramar: this is the "it" place for people who come to town. It's kind of a who's who place, at least that's the vibe. But with that said they have great seafood. Like snook, which is not very common in the US. Famous for the tuna tostada which they were out of when I was there but we just had fun and ordered at random.

Pujol: I saw others have mentioned it. Its a very fancy but really interesting culinary experience. If you can get a table, do it!

Los Cocuyos Taqueria: Just a little nondescript stand, a bit hard to find but you'll know you're close if you are in an electronics district with lots of smoke machines and strobe lights. Try some of the ones you haven't heard of here. It's so good. They even grilled up a fresh spring onion to top one of my cow "love handle" tacos with.

Galeria Eugenio: This was a wonderland of a mask shop. I went there on a recommendation of my brother who lived in Mexico. It took 3 tries before we got there when they happened to be open but it was worth it to be able to take home such a cool memento of real Mexican culture.

Panaderia Rosetta: The best guava pastry ever.

I also really enjoyed walking around their parks (Parque Mexico and Parque Espana are really nice smaller ones) and watching the incredible dog training that happens there. Seriously, its wild.
ChefJune January 4, 2017
My favorite places to eat in Mexico City: Nico's is #1. The best food and guacamole ever. And Chef Gerard Vasquez-Lugo has a wonderful store selling all manner of artisan foods from all over Mexico. He is active in the Slow Food movement. Then there's Azul Condesa. Ricardo Munoz-Zurita makes the Pan d'Elote of your dreams and the rest of his menu is also stellar. Don't miss the fresh fish at ContraMar! Comida at El Cardenal is a must (as is jewelry-buying from the man with the stand right outside!)
Market-wise, I love the Tlacoyos at the entrance to the Jamaica market. And in Xochimilco market, there's a man selling tamalitos stuffed with beans and/or quelites that are divine.
Museum-wise, do not miss the Anthropologie museum. You could spend a month in there and not see it all.
ChefJune January 4, 2017
Oops, forgot! Both times I dined at Pujol it was my "Meal of the Year." Pricy, but don't miss it.
C S. January 4, 2017
We were just there and the best restaurant food we had was at a small place in Colonia Roma called Rosetta. It's an old house with lovely decor. The best food, food we had though was in small stalls in the market. The area of San Angel south of the the city is lovely full of shops and restaurants, colonial homes with buganvillas climbing the walls. Enjoy it there is a ton to do and see.
Rachel January 3, 2017
Is this the reason you were asking about enchiladas the other day? i am sensing a theme here ;)
Ali W. January 3, 2017
Yes! My hometown, you will not be disappointed! For breakfast make sure to go to El Cardenal. Another great (more upscale) restaurant is Pujol; and the tradition stop downtown (near the centro historico) is the Cafe de Tacuba, so good! Don't miss the Anthropology Museum, and the Soumaya Museum is great too. As for markets, a good place to start would be the Mercado del Carmen in the San Angel neighborhood or the market in the plaza Coyoacan.

The city is huge so it will definitely be difficult to cover everything, but a good way to navigate it is by taking the "Turibus" which is like the elevated tour bus that has a few routes and makes a bunch of stops and you basically get off at one point, explore the neighborhood and then you get back on the bus whenever you're ready: It's a good way to explore the bigger neighborhoods in a day. I recommend the Downtown tour or the Southside tour, depending on how many days you have. It's very reasonably priced too.

For nightlife, make sure you hit the bars in the Colonia Roma or La Condesa.

As for Oaxaca, are you going to Oaxaca City or the beaches?
Sarah J. January 4, 2017
Thank you so much for the recommendations!! We're going to Oaxaca City (won't make it to the beach this time around, sadly).
Betsy January 3, 2017
Ashley Bruhn has a great Mexico City travelogue on her blog:
aargersi January 3, 2017
COINCIDENCE! We are going in March! You HAVE to eat at Los Almendros which is near Chapultepec park - I learned a lot of my tricks from their restaurant in Cancun but this one is the same. That's all I've got so take loads of notes to share with me when you get back!!!
aargersi January 3, 2017
Oh - Anthropology Museum for sure - and we are planning the Diego Rivera and also Frida Kahlo's house of course. Have you read The Lacuna? You should, before you go.
Sarah J. January 3, 2017
Thanks Abbie!! Gotta get my hands on The Lacuna ASAP! Adding Los Almendros to our list. And yes, we'll compare notes. :-D
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