Any recommendations for salad to go with a lemon dressing?

I made the dressing to go with a salad that I didn't love, but I have a lot of dressing left. It's lemon juice, olive oil, agave, garlic, and parsley. Any recommendations for a salad to eat with it?

  • Posted by: Alyssa
  • April 9, 2017


Alyssa April 16, 2017
Thanks for the suggestions!
Lost_in_NYC April 11, 2017
Your dressing was made for this pasta salad! The longer the dressing marinates, the better this salad will taste!
Alyssa April 16, 2017
Thank you!
scruz April 10, 2017
diagonally sliced asparagus.
Alyssa April 16, 2017
That's a great idea, and so simple! Thanks!
Exbruxelles April 10, 2017
Arugula, capers, shaved parmesan.
Alyssa April 16, 2017
SMSF April 10, 2017
Two ideas:
Sliced Belgian endive + radicchio
Snap peas + radishes
Kate P. April 10, 2017
Sounds like it would go well with steamed broccoli or beans?

Think it would also suit shredded cabbage - like an Italian coleslaw - could add some fine slices of radish and mint as well.
Nancy April 9, 2017
Vongerichten's roasted carrots with crunchy seeds.
Isa April 9, 2017
Yum! That sounds like a great might work with a grain (bulgar or quinoa or even cous cous), spinach, olives...and whatever you like that might go with those items...or even as a dressing on some small new potatoes.
Alyssa April 16, 2017
Oh I didn't think of grains, thank you!
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