Not realoly a food question. Can I post recipes I like from Food 52, on my website, with proper credit?

I love your website and have shared it with many friends and people I run across as a Health Coach and a columnist for my local "edible communities" magazine, (Edible South Shore) .I have a website called and I post recipes with of course crediting the original creator (whether it's adapted or the same as) . My question is 1) is it okay with Amanda and Merrill for me to post recipes as seen here, as long as I credit you, and 2) what about the home cooks who post? Should I contact them directly? Does anyone care? After all, sharing of good food and ideas is a wonderful thing.

Katherine's Kitchen


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allans February 1, 2012
As "Katherine's Kitchen" suggest, a link seems most appropriate along with permission as a courtesy.
susan G. February 1, 2012
There are some hints on the FAQ --
It's my understanding that you can post a link to a recipe, but I think this question is best submitted to the food52 staff -- [email protected].
Sometimes a recipe also appears on the author's blog, so contacting the person would be appropriate.
Cristina S. February 1, 2012
Katherine, I agree with you that sharing recipes is a wonderful thing; it's one of the reasons I love Food52 so much. However, I would mind if one of my recipes were posted elsewhere without my permission. It is my understanding that lists of ingredients are not copyright protected, but everything else (headnotes, procedure instructions and photographs) are.
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