I'm making vietnamese egg rolls HELPPPPP :(

what brand fish sauce should i use to put in the ground beef mixture for egg rolls. also how do i make the dipping sauce but the recipe i have calls for corn syrup i don't have. is there another recipe i can use without corn syrup? also egg roll recipe need sesame oil but does not say whether toasted or pure. HELP!!!

  • Posted by: lena
  • February 8, 2017


Niknud February 9, 2017
Oh, one other thing. If you're using toasted sesame oil, it should probably only go in the dipping sauce. Toasted sesame oil has a really low smoke point - it will smoke, burn and generally taste awful if you leave it on high heat too long. If I'm cooking something and the sauce has toasted sesame oil, I generally swirl it in right at the end.
Lilly N. February 8, 2017
I'm a bit skeptical of the recipe as well. Usually the mixture contains ground pork and possibly ground shrimp. Wood ear mushrooms. Grated carrots and bean threads. I don't know about the sesame oil. We rarely cooked with sesame oil growing up.

As for fish sauce I prefer the Red Boat brand for dipping. The depth of flavor is superior to most other fish sauces. But for cooking I use other fish sauces like the crab one mentioned.

No corn syrup in the fish sauce dip. Just plain sugar is fine.

Hope this helps.
pierino February 9, 2017
I like Red Boat also. And rice paper wrappers work best. I agree on the pork and shrimp mixture. I add cilantro as well.
HalfPint February 8, 2017
You can use any fish sauce brand in the mixture. I would advise against using fish sauce from the Philippines. It's a totally different flavor and is much more pungent. My favorite brands are 3 Crabs, Red Boat, & Squid. Any of these should be fine.

I am a bit skeptical of the recipe since most Vietnamese egg rolls I've had is made with ground pork, not ground beef, nor does it include sesame oil. Not that there's anything wrong with either ingredients. It's just that Vietnamese egg rolls are usually made with ground pork and does not have sesame oil in it. My Viet mother would not approve ;)

As for the dipping sauce, we make a sauce called nuoc cham which does not have any corn syrup in it. Here's a good recipe from Andrea Nguyen, http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2008/11/basic-vietnamese-dipping-sauce-nuoc-cham.html

Vietnamese cooking does not use corn syrup much, if at all.

Hope this helps.
lena February 8, 2017
would it be too much to ask if you have another egg roll recipe? :)
HalfPint February 8, 2017
This is a lot like my mother's egg roll (cha gio) recipe (I would give you this recipe but she does not use exact measurements) and I trust this blogger's recipes, http://wanderingchopsticks.blogspot.com/2007/01/cha-gio-vietnamese-springegg-rolls.html

I prefer egg rolls made with the spring roll wrappers, like this one http://www.albertsons.com/pd/Dynasty/Egg-Roll-Spring-Roll-Wrappers/16-oz/011152229980/, made with wheat flour. They fry up to a pleasing crispiness. The rice paper tend to be a bit chewier and can feel greasy, to me any way. Just a matter of preference.

Best of luck!
lena February 8, 2017
Eunice C. February 8, 2017
Hey Lena! I love vietnamese egg rolls. I've heard good things about Red Boat Fish Sauce if you need a specific brand but I think you might be fine with a generic brand if the stores near you don't provide a lot of options. I've only made them a couple times with my family, but I'm thinking you can use sugar instead of corn syrup and toasted sesame oil. Good luck!
Niknud February 8, 2017
I like the three crabs brand of fish sauce (I don't know what it's called but it has a picture of three crabs on the label). I don't know why you would have to use corn syrup for a dipping sauce - regular sugar or brown sugar would work fine. It's what I use. Just sweeten to taste and keep the other ingredients the same. And I would imagine that toasted sesame oil is what's traditional. Again, it's what I use. Good luck!
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