I think I added too much flour in my challah recipe to compensate for a runny dough. What should I do to make sure it ends up ok?

Halved the recipe, the dough was too runny after I added the flour so I kept adding more. Now I'm worried that I added way too much.

  • Posted by: Ally
  • February 10, 2017


Nancy February 12, 2017
Sounds great! Sometimes the best results come from accidents & mistakes.
What I want to know is did you note how much was "too much" so you can repeat this loaf next week?
And will you please tell us (including what recipe), too?
Lindsay-Jean H. February 11, 2017
I'm sorry you didn't receive an answer to this in time Ally. How did the challah turn out?
Ally February 11, 2017
Its ok! It ended up being the best challah I've made so far! I also ended up using the remaining dough for everything challah rolls and 2 species (fig and date) challah rolls. The crust wasn't quite right, a little dry and it didn't brown, but we've eaten 2/3 of it already and normally we only get through half of the challah in a week.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 11, 2017
Oh good, happy to hear that the final result ended up being okay!
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