My cranberry sauce needs to be sweeter, how do I incorporate more sugar into it?

I have a Dutch oven full of cranberry sauce (6 bags of cranberries in a spiced up zinfandel sauce) but I cut the sugar in the recipe by too much. How do I make it sweeter? I was thinking of a syrup made of more wine with brown sugar, burn off the alcohol, but do I add this to a cold or room temperature cranberry sauce or heat the whole thing up again?

  • Posted by: Josephsm
  • November 22, 2011


Greenstuff November 22, 2011
I think you can't go too far wrong here, so do whatever you find easiest. I'd probably sprinkle on some sugar and briefly reheat it. But your other options are likely to work well too.
Kristy M. November 22, 2011
Adding maple syrup could be nice. I think it's a good idea to reheat it so all the flavors blend together, but it might be fine to just add some syrup and let it sit for a few days.
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