Turmeric stain

I was cooking with a turmeric paste (turmeric and olive oil and some lemongrass) and a bit splattered into the stainless steel center of my stovetop. I've scrubbed it but it's really left quite a yellow stain! Thoughts on removing it?

Posie (Harwood) Brien


Smaug February 13, 2017
Have you tried bleach?
Greenstuff February 13, 2017
Check out this Food52 article about clean turmeric stains from all sorts of surfaces https://food52.com/blog/15548-how-to-get-rid-of-turmeric-stains-on-your-dishes-linens-counters-and-fingers
Lost_in_NYC February 13, 2017
Sorry to hear about the stains, they can be stubborn! My mother experiences this from time to time with our Indian cooking and here is what I've learned from her for removal:

- make a little paste (not too watery) of Ajax and water and apply it to the stain area for a few minutes or more (depending on how deep it is) and scrub with a scrubber sponge (or lightly with a Brillo sponge). This might take a few tries depending on how bad the stain is but it will work. She uses this when her Indian stainless steel pots & pans get a fair beating.

For future, whatever you're cooking with turmeric, make sure to cover the pot or pan with a lid to avoid splatters and accidents!

Windischgirl February 13, 2017
Did you scrub with Baking soda? Or Bar Keeper's Friend? These are my go-to cleaners for surface stains. But as May said, it may take repeated attempts.
May February 13, 2017
You could try rubbing it with oil and letting it sit and then rub and wash with white vinegar. You will probably need to repeat the process several times though. Hope that works
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