I cooked some salmon on the stovetop with olive oil and white wine (covered). Any use for the leftover wine liquid?



Jon P. October 5, 2010
In that kind of situation, I find it more practical to find an immediate use for the liquid - a way to serve it with what you just cooked. I'd have reduced the liquid in a pan to concentrate it, adding some shallot, garlic, or parsley to liven it up, maybe swirled in a little butter or some good mustard, and poured it over the salmon.
anyone October 4, 2010
Usually I would make a quick pan sauce to serve over the salmon.
mrslarkin October 4, 2010
If it's a lot of liquid, you could add it to a seafood chowder. Or maybe you could saute some julienned carrot, celery, onion in it. I make a similar dish (made it again today, in fact) where you first saute the veggies in butter/oil, s/p, splash of wine/vermouth. Then take a big sheet of parchment paper or heavy duty foil, butter it, lay your salmon down, top with s/p, veggies and juices. Close up the packet tightly, set on a tray and bake it in a 450 oven for about 10 minutes.
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