A question about a recipe: Winter Greens and Apple Gratin

I have a question about the recipe "Winter Greens and Apple Gratin" from gingerroot. Can this dish be assembled ahead of time and then baked a day or two later?

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  • Posted by: ktr
  • February 20, 2017
Winter Greens and Apple Gratin
Recipe question for: Winter Greens and Apple Gratin


Sarah J. February 20, 2017
I think you could definitely assemble it several hours ahead of time. If you want to assemble it a couple of days in advance, I'd recommend keeping the sautéed apple-onion-cream mixture separate from the blanched, chopped greens and separate from the cheese and nuts. (This will keep the flavors and layers more distinct!) Then assemble the three component parts when you're ready to bake.
ktr February 20, 2017
That makes sense and makes it quick enough for a weeknight. Thank you.
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