Best Method for Lasagna for a Party - Prebake/ReHeat or PreAssemble/Bake-Day-of

I'd like to make two trays of lasagna for a party (Bolognese and Vegetable), but will not have time to assemble them the day of the party. Would it be best to assemble+bake the day before and then reheat for the party? Or should I just assemble the day before and then bake before the party? If the best approach is to reheat, any tips for reheating a full tray?



lilroseglow August 7, 2019
Thanks for you help. I ended up doing as suggested and just assembling ahead and baking the day of the party. The Bolognese turned out a little dry, and the Vegetable (which sometimes is too soupy) turned out just right. So I guess QueenSashy was spot on about it continuing to absorb moisture while in the frig. I wanted to try the bake-from-freezer suggestion but ran out of days. Next time i'll try that!
QueenSashy August 6, 2019
I prefer assemble the day before then bake, to bake and reheat. When assembling the dish before and keeping in the fridge, I found that it is better to make the dish slightly more moist, because pasta will absorb liquid. IMO, the best thing to do is to make lasagna several days before, freeze and bake from freezer. It works like magic, and is super fresh and you do not have liquid absorption problem.
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