Deep Run Roots, Dorie's Cookies, what have you cooked from these?

I have both books but I haven't felt inspired to cook from either yet, unlike Small Victories (I've made 7 delightful recipes from it so far). Wondering what you have cooked and loved and I know I'll be inspired.

Stephanie G


cookinginvictoria February 22, 2017
I have not cooked from Small Victories (yet!), but here's another endorsement for Dorie's Do Almost Anything Vanilla Cookie Dough (from Dorie's Cookies). I too thought that these cookies were fantastic. I made multiple batches of these cookies for gift giving. I rolled the dough out, did simple cut outs and decorated some with sanding sugar and others with royal icing and candy. :)
Dona February 22, 2017
Thanks for that, I need to jump into cooking for this book.
Stephanie G. February 22, 2017
I am experienced cook but busy mom. Small Victories has totally energized my cooking. First, I made the Swiss Chard with Coconut and Ginger, then the Kinda Sorta Patatas Bravas, Potluck Quinoa, my absolute favorite All Day Pork Shoulder with Apple Cider, Everything Biscuits, Super French Mussels, Chilaquiles, and Turkey Ricotta Meatballs. All have been delicious.
Dona February 21, 2017
Can you share your favorites from Small Victories? I looked through it and was not inspired,
Merrill S. February 21, 2017
I've made two of Dorie's brownie recipes (can't remember the names, but the most basic ones) and her basic vanilla cookie dough and all have been great!
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