Insulated containers?

I've been on a hunt for some good insulated containers I can use for lunches. Any recommendations? Would be great to have one for soups and one that's rectangular or square for other foods. Do those exist?!



ktr February 21, 2017
I would use a thermos for soup if you want to keep it hot. There are some with a spoon folded into the lid so you don't have to worry about remembering one.
We also have a small, probable 8oz metal, insulated food container from kleen kantene that my sinuses in his lunch box.
MMH February 21, 2017
I have packed lunches at various stages of my daughter's life. Different needs over 16 years. These aren't insulated but I really like Pyrex bowls & if you can rewarm in a microwave, they are great. They come in 3 sizes. They are round & come with lids. No issues with plastic. I have also used the lunch blox. They are good for keeping things cold. I have never had much luck with any product which is supposed to keep things hot for more than a couple hours. At 1 time I used Correlle plates which were divided, wrapped them in plastic wrap & were good for rewarming in a microwave. They just had to be kept level. I also had a bento box. It it wasn't suitable for the microwave. Good luck.
Nancy February 21, 2017
Rubbermaid makes a line called (unfortunately) Lunch Blox, modular sets which include cooler units. Can be used for sandwiches, salads, entrees etc. Some lunch bags too. I have not used these, but they look clever and have some good reviews.
HalfPint February 21, 2017
For the rectangular or square insulated containers, do a web search for "insulated bento box" or simply type insulated food containers. I think Thermos makes these, might be other manufacturers. Problem you might encounter is the container is not microwaveable.
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