What are some fun bites to pair with sparkling wine for a party?

I am throwing a birthday party that is all about bubbles (champagne, cava, prosecco...you name it). Anyone have any favorite pairing for bubbles? Most of the bubbles will be of the brut variety, if that helps! Thanks!

Asha Loupy


Picholine March 7, 2017
Puff pastry from freezer(always have) turkey Kiebalsa, wrap around the link and trim. Slice and bake on parchment paper. Serve with some grainy mustard. Buy those mini prepared cups and fill first with fig jam and top with Gorgonzola, bake until cheese melted. Yum
MMH March 5, 2017
2 things from Trader Joe's - chocolate covered caramels with sea salt & whole almonds dipped in dark chocolate & rolled in turbanado sugar.
Asha L. March 3, 2017
Thank you again for everyone who commented! All great suggestions. We ended up having:

- Truffled macaroni and cheese - PERFECT with rosé cremant
- Tartines (one with Purple Haze goat cheese and cucumbers, the other with creme fraiche, smoked salmon & lemon zest)
- Gougeres (made with gruyere & Beemster XO cheese)
- Poached shrimp with mignonette sauce
- And just for fun -- The Kitchn's recipe for Cheddar Olives, which are green olives wrapped in homemade Cheez-It dough and baked (people are still taking about them!)
BerryBaby March 4, 2017
I have a similar wrapped olive recipe from the 70's. Simple and classic! Sounds like it was very fun and successful!
Exbruxelles February 28, 2017
Potato chips + sour cream + caviar. Perfect with champagne.
lottoqueen February 28, 2017
New Years Eve at home watching' the ball drop with bubbly & of course In & Out burgers with MacDonald fries!!!!
Maedl February 25, 2017
Raw oysters on the half shell!

QueenSashy February 24, 2017
I second gougeres... Anything with smoked salmon. Rich pates. Duck prosciutto or sausage. (I also like how it works with jamon iberico, as it cuts into the richness of it). Marcona almonds. Fig and rosemary cocktail cookie (https://food52.com/recipes/18787-fig-and-rosemary-cocktail-cookies). Avocado mouse. Green pea mouse or green pea hummus. Cauliflower mouse with salmon roe. (Any roe in general, not to mention caviar). Sushi. Stuffed mushrooms.
Asha L. February 24, 2017
Thanks you everyone for your ideas! It's going to be one heck of a party, that's for sure. So far I think the list of bites is shaping up to be great. I will let you all know what the final choices are. Cheers!
ChefJune February 24, 2017
I have a whole host of tasty tidbits I like to serve with sparkling wine for parties. Three that are here on Food52 are https://food52.com/recipes/13872-1-2-3-4-spareribs
https://food52.com/recipes/25180-montrachet-tarts and they are all easy to do and can be done ahead of time.
I am also a big fan of Gougere... traditional french pate a chou puffs with cheese (and often herbs)
HalfPint February 24, 2017
Some ideas:

- thinly shaved prosciutto or jamon serrano
- deviled eggs
- blinis topped with creme fraiche and salmon or paddlefish caviar or any smoked fish
- smoked salmon canapes
- pate crostini

Nancy February 24, 2017
Lots of good ideas.
Somehow, the bubbles idea makes me think of a bubble of good inside a casing, smalk (1-2 bites).
If you have the time and helpers, the gougeres, tortellini, spanokopita, fried ravioli and/or kreplach, puff pastry balls filled wirh chocolate or nut filling for dessert, etc etc.
E February 24, 2017
I like dinner at ten's suggestions, esp the gougeres, shortbread and the potato chips. Idk why, but potato chips truly are excellent with sparkling wines. And as for shortbread, I think citrus and/or savory (think cheesy or herby) would be great.

I don't know how professionals / wine connoisseurs think but my other favorite pairings with bubbles are :

Rich, dark flour-less chocolate cakes
Stone fruits esp nectarines wrapped in proscuitto
Mini crab cakes with a lemony sauce
Anything shell fish really - lobsters, or even better oysters!! With all the varieties of mignonettes
Spiced and/or cheesy popcorn
Ceviche, esp with nice white fishes or crab
Triple creme cheeses with those fruit/nut crisp breads
Anything citrus - I looove lemon cakes or lemon cookies or honestly lemon risotto with sparkling wines
LATKES! With creme fraiche and roe/caviar... Esp some of the more unconventional ones, I love sweet potato, butternut squash, and parsnip latkes with bubbly wines
E February 24, 2017
Also *buries head into hands in shame* I really dig homemade corn dogs with bubbly wines lol. It just... works
Asha L. February 24, 2017
I wouldn't turn down a homemade corn dog with bubbles. YUM.
dinner A. February 24, 2017
gougères (the recipe from Tartine is great and has been posted a few places online)
soft ripened goat cheeses with baguette
potato chips (not fancy but fantastic with bubbles); along the same rich potatoey lines, Spanish tortilla
on the sweet side, anything with berries and/or almonds, like a frangipane tart with berries, or almond cake
olive oil-rosemary shortbreads (recipe from Blue Bottle, also posted several places online)
Asha L. February 24, 2017
Mmmm, all great ideas! Potato chips. Love that. I might grab a bag of the Jose Andres truffled ones to make it evvvven more indulgent.
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