I'm hoping that this is a recipe that you still monitor. It looks so good that I had to make it today. I have a quick question -- my dough was r...

...eally stiff, not at all too wet. I made two separate batches so that I could put some in the freezer. I'm not sure what I did to have such a stiff dough? I added extra water as I was kneading it, just to get the balance of the flour to mix in. Can you confirm for me that I should be adding two cups, one each of the bread flour and the all-purpose flour as I'm finishing the dough

  • Posted by: Stacy
  • February 24, 2017


Smaug February 24, 2017
As I read, the intention is to use only as much of those 2c. flour as needed- she specifically says that the dough should be slack but not sticky, which is typical for pizza doughs. I think the large amount is because there's a lot of variation possible in the amount of liquid in the starter (and, to a minor extent, the humidity and hydration of the "dry" flour, but that goes for any bread, they're always to touch).
Stacy February 24, 2017
Thank You! There's always next time ;-)
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