I made a batch of 3 cup chicken and left it out on the counter overnight because I had no thai basil to finish the dish. The nest day after I added t

the basil and reheated the dish, the chicken had dried out. It was nothing like the first batch I had made which was succulent and delicious. It is in the refrigerator now. Is there anything I can do to revive this dish now? I really don't want to throw it out. HELP! Any helpful ideas?

Helen Drezner


amysarah February 25, 2017
Only helpful idea: don't do it (especially with chicken.) Dryness could well be the least of your problems if you eat it after that long unrefrigerated.
ChefJune February 25, 2017
No food is safe to eat after it has been left out all night. Some folks are foolish enough to risk food poisoning, and it probably won't kill you, but why chance it? Penny wise and pound foolish.
PHIL February 25, 2017
i wouldn't eat any food , especially chicken that was left out overnight. If it is dried out there is not much you can do to save it anyway.
Lainie February 25, 2017
I would not toss it - I would add a little of whatever liquid was used for cooking, cover the pan and reheat slowly.
Maedl February 25, 2017
No cooked food should EVER be left on the counter overnight. Throw it out. It's better to lose it than to get sick eating it.
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