Got a good substitute for fennel bulb in chilled leek and potato soup with shrimp?

  • Posted by: Chef2be
  • March 1, 2017


PieceOfLayerCake March 2, 2017
Do you have the recipe or a few more details on why you need a substitute?
Windischgirl March 1, 2017
If you wanted to keep the fennel flavors, there's a couple of things you could try: add a shot of ouzo or Pernod (both fennel-flavored liqueurs) into the broth when heating it; sauté some fennel seeds in oil when you are sautéing the leeks; or drizzle the finished soup with just a tiny bit of olive oil in which you have toasted some crushed fennel seeds.
If you don't care for fennel or have an allergy, you could add celery stalks, chopped, in with the leeks; dill fronds on top; a small amount of lemon zest; or a waft of Old Bay. The flavor profile of the soup is subtle, and I would not want to mask the delicacy of the vichyssoise or the shrimp.
Nancy March 5, 2017
All good ideas.
Further variations: celeriac, aniseed, fennel pollen, natural licorice bark (poached with the soup & removed before serving), shot of sambuca, also just before serving.
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