Canned Frozen Shrimp Soup - What?

I have a cookbook from 1968 where several of the recipes call for "1 can frozen shrimp soup". I've never heard of that. I tried looking it up on line and only find Campbells Condensed Cream of Shrimp Soup or recipes for soup using frozen shrimp. Has anyone ever heard of this? Is it still in production, and if not what can I use as a substitute? The recipe doesn't say if it's condensed soup or not. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!!

Kim P
  • Posted by: Kim P
  • July 9, 2019


Gammy July 10, 2019
Yes, I remember this! Thanks for the memories... I also remember Campbells having a frozen condensed Oyster Stew.
grandrivergirl July 10, 2019
I'm old enough to remember it. It sat in the grocery store freezer compartment right next to the frozen minute steaks.
Jerry July 9, 2019
OK, your question intrigued me so I did my own internet search. I found an Ebay listing of a 1956 advertisement for Campbell's Frozen Cream of Shrimp soup (image attached). I guess this is the way Campbell's used to sell some of their soups. For what it's worth, the label says condensed, so I imagine you could just replace it with the modern non-frozen Campbell's Cream of Shrimp soup.
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Kim P. July 9, 2019
Thank you so much! I kept getting thrown by the fact it was calling for a "can", I didn't know they'd freeze canned soup. I really appreciate your help!
Suzzy February 1, 2020
I also have a casserole recipe from the late 60’s calling for the Campbell’s Frozen Shrimp Soup. It was then available in a 12oz. can and was not condensed. I converted to the regular condensed version (not frozen) and added milk to measure a total volume of 12 oz., which was the quantity of the frozen kind. Then I proceeded with other quantities in the recipe. It seemed to turn out fine. Actually, I’m doing it again this month. I hope they haven’t changed the canned Condensed recipe since then. Wish me luck! Haha!
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