Specialty Shops in NYC

Hi all, I'm visiting friends in Brooklyn later this month. Does anyone have recommendations for specialty grocery stores in the area? We'll mostly be cooking the week i'm there, so affordable is preferred, but I'm not going to say no to checking out a beautiful upscale spot either.

Thanks ahead of time!

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Windischgirl March 3, 2017
Eataly is pricey but fun, even just to people-watch!
Gulluoglu Baklava Cafe is at 52nd and 2nd, and a fun place to get simit (like a cross between a bagel and a croissant) and a wide selection of filo pastries. I think they have other breads too.
Ali W. March 3, 2017
Sahadi's in Brooklyn Heights, and also stop next door at Damascus, the guy is incredibly nice. Kalustyan's in Murray Hill (Manhattan). Also make sure you go to the Chelsea Market, they have many specialty vendors, but make sure to check out Seed & Mill for tahini and halvah, and also Spices and Tease, for (duh) spices and tea. Actually Chelsea Market is a great resource for specialty foods, so make sure you walk around.
My F. March 3, 2017
Thanks for the reminder about Chelsea Market, I've only been once and it was after a long day of traffic driving from VA to Queens, then traveling back into Manhattan... I definitely need to give it a second chance.
Molly C. March 3, 2017
Also Kalustyan's in Manhattan, Bklyn Larder and Greene Grape Provisions are all really nice. Bklyn Larder is a great spot to buy bread, and Klustyan's is huge and has everything you could possibly want/need/imagine.
Windischgirl March 3, 2017
Kalustyan's is one of my favorite places to have lunch! It's worth the climb to the 3rd floor for a sampler platter, and the clerks are very generous with tastes and extra treats. Price can't be beat in NYC--5 of us shared 2 platters and a side of kofte for less than $15. For groceries, a fab selection of spices and pantry foods...but very limited meat/dairy/produce.
Molly C. March 3, 2017
You MUST go to Sahadi's in Brooklyn Heights! (http://www.sahadis.com/) They have an amazing selection of (affordable) cheeses, spices, sauces, and lots of treats! Check it out!
My F. March 3, 2017
How had I not thought about cheese yet!? Great shout, thanks!
My F. March 3, 2017
Clarification #2:
As someone who's usually underwhelmed by the averaging nature of sites that compile "the best" on aggregate I was hoping that there would be enough NYC folks here on the hotline to get some really specific recommendations. A sharing of secret spots if you will. And Specialty doesn't need to be an international market, if you know a place with great fresh pasta, PLEASE let me know! (We've been trying to figure out if there's any counter/table in her appt. on which I could clamp my pasta machine... Since not *quite enough* space is a common problem in the city, I'm hoping there's lots of recommendations on where people go to get something that is just too difficult to make at home).

An example from my life. When I want to make falafel, theres a specific latino market in town I check first because more often than not they have fresh (green) chickpeas. They also have the best fresh masa within a half hour drive from my house, though it is incomparable to what you can find in the central american neighborhoods a little closer to DC.
Nancy March 3, 2017
Also, when looking at chowhound or other sources, think of specialty foods that you cannot get at home, or whose quality you cannot get. Examples: spices, exotic ingredients or liquers, depth of holdings in some wine stores, kitchen equipment, especially in commercial supply stores.
Nancy March 3, 2017
To your clarification #2:
Lior Lev Sercaz sSpice shop on 11th avenue,
My F. March 3, 2017
Thanks Nancy, I'm loving how diverse their twitter feed is, especially in tandem with the simplicity of the website.
Smaug March 3, 2017
You might check out Chowhound (chowhound.com); they have local message boards for various locations, and can be useful for this sort of question.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 3, 2017
Where about in Brooklyn? It's a very big borough.
My F. March 3, 2017
OH! Thanks, I knew there was more specificity I meant to add to the question.

Anywhere in the NYC area is welcome I'm looking for expeditions while my friend is at work. But re: BK I'll be heading out from near Prospect Park.
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