Going to visit a friend who just had a baby and is vegetarian. What frozen meal should I bring?

I cook vegetarian a lot of the time, but am suddenly drawing a blank on what I can make that is seasonally appropriate that would be good to freeze.

  • Posted by: erinbdm
  • July 11, 2015


dinner A. July 13, 2015
If you haven't already made your visit:
I've been cooking a lot of vegetable pancakes/fritters recently, and they freeze beautifully. You can prepare as many as you want by a quick defrost followed by toasting (if they're thin and not too dense they can go straight in the toaster).
In general, they are filling but not heavy, which sounds like what the situation calls for. Here a links to a few favorites:
http://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/swiss-chard-pancakes (For the swiss chard pancakes, I added quite a bit more milk than called for -- the first few I cooked up with a thicker batter were a bit gummy).
JulieS July 13, 2015
I am lucky enough to live close enough to Joanne Chang's Flour Bakery in Boston and am hooked on everything that she does. Her Spicy Three-Bean and Corn Chili is to die for (even if you are not a vegetarian)! It has a smokey quality to it from the smoked paprika that sets it apart from other veggie chili's. It is in her Flour Too cookbook, but I've posted a link here. I made it for a vegetarian coworker after the birth of her daughter. It makes a ton and freezes great. I just make it with the following alterations: I use fire roasted diced tomatoes for the regular diced tomatoes, 2 tsp of chili powder instead of 4 tsp, 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper instead of 1/4, frozen corn kernels instead of canned and 4 c of veggie broth instead of water.
Antigoni S. July 13, 2015
Enchiladas with a salsa verde would be excellent and freezes great too!
HalfPint July 11, 2015
When one of my friends had her firs baby, I made a Mac & Cheese. The meal was very well received. I used a recipe that came from America's Test Kitchen. And it was freeze-able.
Garlic F. July 11, 2015
Pasta (lasagna, eggplant parm, etc) is always easy and freezable vegetarian fare. Soups are nice. I have soup year-round; I don't know if you're up for that. Breads, rolls, muffins, etc. one of my friends requested cakes after she had her babies. Frittatas. Curries freeze pretty well. Beans and legumes.
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