Interesting GF snack ideas for 30 Montessori preschoolers?

I bring in a "special snack" once a month for my son's Montessori preschool. They suggest interesting foods that will expand the children's palettes... which is great, but I also want to bring something that I know will get eaten/won't go to waste. There are several gluten free kids so I typically bring something gf or a gf option for those children. Any ideas or inspiration would be most welcome, I'm uninspired at the moment. Thank you!

Rachel O'Reilly


MMH March 5, 2017
My daughter's Montessori school only allowed home made snacks too so I got pretty good at this - veggies and ranch or hummus, olives, pickles, home trail mix (cheerios are gluten free), nuts, ants on a log, yogurt, cottage cheese, deviled eggs. Blue diamond makes really good gluten free crackers in a variety of flavors.
Rachel O. March 5, 2017
Love this, thank you!
BerryBaby March 4, 2017
Do they allow homemade snacks? Where we live they only allow store bought wrapped snacks. That's why I recommended the Craisins.
ktr March 4, 2017
Does the treat have to be packaged or can it be homemade. My sons school requires them to be packaged. If that's your case, my sons class loves cheese sticks and fruit and veggie pouches.
Rachel O. March 4, 2017
We are allowed to bring in homemade snacks. I was surprised by this at first but we are a small school and apparently there are no serious allergies. It would honestly simplify things quite a bit if it had to be storebought, ha! Thanks for the cheese stick reminder, my son used to love them and I haven't bought them for him in ages.
Made F. March 4, 2017
My son's class loved these finger foods: whole small apples, clementines, sliced melon, lightly salted cucumber spears, steamed green beans with lemon juice, cubes of cheese and focaccia
Rachel O. March 4, 2017
Oh my goodness, I want that spread for myself too. Yum! Thank you!
BerryBaby March 4, 2017
The Ocean Spray Craisins are gluten free and come in individual 100 calorie bags. Daughter use to bring these as a snack for her class and the children loved them.
jimmyray March 4, 2017
Meringues (possibly with chocolate chips). Naturally gf, so good for all. Another idea: edamame (salted).
Rachel O. March 4, 2017
Love both of these ideas! Thank you.
Nancy March 5, 2017
Or make macarons, bting a filling and let the kids make macaron sandwiches as an activity & snack.

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Nancy W. March 4, 2017
Popcorn with herbs and cheese sprinkled on it. Roasted chickpeas.
Rachel O. March 4, 2017
Nancy W. March 4, 2017
Fruit kabobs! Veggies and dips. Avocado slices wrapped with ham.
Rachel O. March 4, 2017
Love the kebab idea! I wonder if I could find some sticks that aren't pointy on the end... or if Popsicles sticks would work. Maybe the points wouldn't be an issue.
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