Today my supermarket had whole, deboned chickens. What are they especially good for?

I'm intrigued. It seems like there must be specific dishes or preparations that call for this, but I've never come across one. What have you made or what recipes have you seen?

  • Posted by: Angela
  • March 5, 2017


HalfPint March 6, 2017
I would stuff the chicken with some pork sausage and rosemary. Truss the stuffed chicken and roast over a bed of sliced onions and white wine. It's a take on a stuffed turkey roll that I had in Tuscany at a cooking class. I even posted an adaptation of the recipe on Food52.
anka March 5, 2017

Here is recipe that I use.
Have a look:
Greenstuff March 5, 2017
Years ago, I used to make a Julia Child recipe called chicken melon, a stuffed boned chicken. It was in her book Julia Child & Company, and you can find it on the web as well. It was a great brunch dish.
Greenstuff March 5, 2017
I hit reply too quickly. For chicken melon, you have to take the skin off the bird intact. I was thinking how much easier it would be if the birds had been boneless.
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