What's a good sub for the cream cheese? I want to make these for a friend who must stay GF and dairy free...

Chocolate Hamantaschen
Recipe question for: Chocolate Hamantaschen


Windischgirl March 10, 2017
I can sub Earth Balance "buttery" sticks for the butter, or coconut oil...that's the easy part. Cream cheese sub had me stymied, tho! I will look for tofu cream cheese, thanks! I think it adds to the texture of the GF dough (in the absence of xanthan gum), so I didn't want to use more marj in its place...
Nancy March 10, 2017
I've seen silken tofu and tofu cream cheese recommended as replacements for cream cheese. Have only used the first in baking, but think the second kight be closer in fat content and texture.
Maybe compare their labels to that of cream cheese & decide.
P.S. what are you going to use instead of the butter?
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