beef bourguignon serving suggestions

Hi, I am looking for some ideas to make with beef bourguignon for Sunday family dinner for 20 people. Potatoes? egg noodles?

  • Posted by: PHIL
  • March 10, 2017


ChefJune March 13, 2017
In Burgundy (Bourgogne) most folks serve it with nouilles -- noodles!
PHIL March 13, 2017
thanks all for the input, the meal was a success, nice vinegary salad, and domino potatoes. I made too much though (as usual), Has anyone froze beef bourguignon ? Does it fall apart when you defrost it?
ChefJune March 13, 2017
You should be able to freeze it with great success.
ktr March 10, 2017
We eat it with rice normally.
PieceOfLayerCake March 10, 2017
I love to serve creamy polenta under any long-braised meats. One with lots of cheese, butter and cracked pepper. One of my absolute go to dinner party meals is braised short ribs, creamy polenta and something pickled/acidic as an accompaniment. I made a homemade giardinera with cauliflower, cubanelle peppers, rainbow carrots, and celery once, it cut the fat very nicely.
cranberry March 10, 2017
I would make a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing to cut the richness of the stew. I would also skew toward potatoes or rice, which can sit for a bit if the dinner timing is off, or if people want seconds. (My preference would be for potatoes.) Noodles are more difficult to manage, IMO.
PHIL March 10, 2017
Thanks I agree on the salad, that is a must. I like soupcon's idea on potatoes boulangeres. also thinking about domino potatoes.
Stephanie G. March 10, 2017
I think egg noodles are required! Maybe Caesar salad? I would keep it simple on yourself since you are serving 20.
PHIL March 10, 2017
We are a big family so cooking for 15+ is the norm. I do like egg noodles, classic and simple
Nancy March 10, 2017
To start, honor a drink from the region by making a batch of kir (with white wine from the Aligote grape) or kir royale (champagne).
On starch, I have seen & heard all (potatoes, rice, wide egg noodles) being served. You could pick one you know is a family favorite or, with such a big group, make two or even three so people have a choice.
PHIL March 10, 2017
Alcohol is always a good place to start!
soupcon March 10, 2017
potatoes boulangères
PHIL March 10, 2017
That is something I haven't made. Sounds easy to do also thanks.
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