I need a souce for a pasta with ingridients i have !

i have a pasta but i want a souce. i got corn , champignons , some meat , garlic ,butter , olive oil , tomato souce , milk some other stuff i havent noticed .Can i make a souce out of this and how? I got 1 hour to make it.

  • Posted by: Harijs
  • March 20, 2017


Corj March 20, 2017
Yes of course. Saying what type ground or not would be helpful but in any case just you're making a quick skillet sauce at this point so just brownish your meat with the oil, take it out (reserve) , do your mushrooms, add back mestlo to finish cooking and then your tomato sauce and butter
Harijs March 20, 2017
thanks that will help a lot ! :)
Harijs March 20, 2017
just finished it making taste is great and will be a good with pasta one more time thanks for advice :)
Corj March 20, 2017
I would fry the mushrooms in olive oil and generous salt and pepper. Add tomato sauce and finish sauce at reduced heat by adding pats of garlic butter until til glossy and incorporated. I would leave out the corn and milk.
Harijs March 20, 2017
could i add a meat in there too?
Smaug March 20, 2017
Probably possible, but it's not going to get sorted out and made in the remaining 44 min.- better to head for the store or serve something else.
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