Can I can tomato confit in olive oil?

I would like to make tomato confit (slow roasted in oven with olive oil, garlic and herbs) and can it in olive oil to keep it longer than a week.

  • Posted by: Beth
  • September 4, 2013


HalfPint September 4, 2013
Yes, but it can be difficult and tricky to do safely. You need to use a recipe that has been tested. The oil can soften the rubber on the lid and you will lose the seal over time.

It would be better to cover your confit with a layer of oil and freeze it.
Beth September 4, 2013
thank you for your reply. As I have continued my research, I am coming to the conclusion that freezing is probably my best option. I have a Foodsaver, which would be a good option, but I could freeze in jars as well. Honestly the tomatoes are so good, I doubt I will have them a year before I eat them all!
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