Here Are the Ingredients Now What Are You Making?

Rice, olive oil, garlic, etc.

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KitchenCash September 8, 2021
Hello DrBabs,

Yes I do cooking competitions as a way to give back to the community. My first one in 2009 I gave the winning mom a $1000 in time for Mother's Day weekend. Now days the prize is $250 to keep it going. While you were on my site you should have seen the active contest on the Episode 2 page along with the complete list of the ingredients.
Enjoy your day.
God bless.
drbabs September 8, 2021
That’s very cool. For anyone who’s interested in participating, here’s the link to the contest information.
KitchenCash September 8, 2021
Thanks drbabs. I don't get anything from it just a chance to feel good about helping someone in need.
drbabs September 8, 2021
This is an ad for your website, right? I googled you and ended up at Looks like there’s currently no active contest. So I’m not sure what you’re asking here, unless it’s just to try and drive us to your website.
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