What oils do you use for your aioli?

I'm looking for something besides canola.

Stephanie G


Exbruxelles March 27, 2017
I agree with Stephanie. In my experience, even the very mildly flavor olive oil I normally use results in an aioli that is overpowering. Depending on what I'm going to use it for, I'll use a little olive oil and then some sort of other good quality light oil.
Stephanie G. March 27, 2017
I use olive oil for 1/4 to half but then usually canola for the rest. I find the olive oil usually overpowers...I guess olive oils are particularly flavorful. There are so many interesting oils in the stores now...I'm just wanting to experiment a little.
Jeremy B. March 27, 2017
We usually use a mildly flavored olive oil.
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