Roasting a 10 lb chicken - too big for Barbara Kafka's roast chicken recipe, too small for her roast turkey recipe

HELP! I got a lovely (massive, 10 lb) chicken from a local farm. I was all set to get moving on it now but realized her method is supposed to only apply for birds up to 7 lbs. However, i love her result (so buttery and crispy). Thoughts on how to make this work for a 10 lb chicken?

Lauren Ruben
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1 Comment

PieceOfLayerCake April 2, 2017
You may want to try the method for the full 70 minutes and then reduce the temperature and allow it to finish cooking at something like 325F. I don't see why it couldn't be finagled. You could essentially just high heat roast it until you get the crispy skin you're looking for and then let it finish cooking at a lower heat. As long as you can temp the bird, you'll be fine.
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