Quick question: I make waiting on a chocolate cinnamon cake to cool before frosting it with (store bought) chocolate marshmallow frosting.

I am making it for students I work with and am using the kitchen in the activities center. There is a bag of marshmallows. Can I do anything with them to accentuate the "smores factor" I don't want to just place them on the cake



Nancy April 3, 2017
Grind up some graham crackers and use these grumbs as a garnish on the top and/or between layers.
Nancy April 3, 2017
That should have been "crumbs"
PieceOfLayerCake April 2, 2017
I would put a layer on the cake, evenly covering, and put it under the broiler. The more even heat will give you more of a brown than a black. From experience, torching store-bought marshmallows doesn't really work.
Claire April 2, 2017
If there's a propane torch, you could brown them and then put them on top of your frosting. If there is no torch you could try turning on an oven and spreading the marshmallows out in a single layer and see if they would brown. Maybe set the oven at 350 or 375? Watch them carefully. They could go from white to black pretty quickly.
Rachelwrites April 2, 2017
Would you put them on the cake and then put the cake under the broiler or are you saying to broil them first?
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