What would you put in a brunch themed gift basket?

A while back I posted about ideas to round out my students brunch. Well, the brunch is this weekend. The students are competing to see who can make the tastiest dish. The winner will receive a medal and brunch themed gift basket. What would you include in the basket? Keep in mind they are high school students.

I have: tea, kashi bars, muffins, nutella minis, instant oatmeal



Rachelwrites April 4, 2017
Thank you thank you! For the bigger prize basket, I put in double caramel pancake mix, Duff's chocolate dessert mix, instant grit bowls, kashi cereals,strawberry jam, spiced peach butter, bottles of sparkling water, mini-nutellas, decorative cereal bowls, girl scout cookie breakfast bars, biscotti, chocolate pretzel breakfast bars and I will add in some homemade chocolate crumb cake muffins. I have run out of room!

The door prize features moose munch caramel popcorn, coffee flavored candy bar, a glass bottle of coke, an assortment of protein bars, french tea and mini nutella.
AntoniaJames April 3, 2017
"The Breakfast Book" by Marion Cunningham. ;o)
ChefJune April 3, 2017
I wouldn't treat the high school students any different than adults for the gift basket (other than omitting alcohol). I would include bacon, some really good preserves, a container of pancake/waffle mix, maybe a quick bread mix, real maple syrup.
My F. April 3, 2017
I agree with the miniature/sampler suggestions. Whenever I'm making a food related gift basket I grab some of the "gourmet sampler" items from World Market (if you have one near you). The travel size hot sauces or hot sauce samplers are always a huge hit.
Nancy April 3, 2017
Some new tastes, some familiar, some local & some from away.
High quality butter or cream cheese, smoked salmon or good deli meat, cashew or almond butter, honey flavored by a specific flower or locale, loaf pan with a quick bread made in it and recipe so they can repeat it, a couple good cotton hand towels or large square napkins, small pepper and salt grinders or containers of, e.g., tellicherry pepper and sea salt, local fruit juice or fruit, local fresh vegetable, a jar of capers packed in salt or a local pickle.
MMH April 2, 2017
Precut mini bagels & individual cream cheese, peanut butter & jelly containers.
BerryBaby April 2, 2017
Starbucks gift card!
Rachelwrites April 3, 2017
I thought about this but the closest one is 30 miles away and they can't drive. I think I will see if the local coffee shop offers cards.
BerryBaby April 3, 2017
I'm sure they would love a card to a local coffee shop...really any place they frequent, I'm sure they'd appreciate. Also many grocery stores carry the small bottles of Starbucks drinks. I've purchased them and they are very good. I would think any item that is 'portable ' they would love.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 2, 2017
maple syrup, cinnamon-sugar, a loaf of bread, coffee, fresh eggs & bacon! Print out some recipes and make a little booklet. Have fun at your event!
ChefAnnie April 2, 2017
Some really good jam and premixed (dry ingredients) for scones and directions on how to finish. Then include any of the wet ingredients feasible. Include 2 pretty plates (vintage?) and a beautiful butter knife, along with some pretty napkins.
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