Savory cheese blintz recipe?

When my husband was a child, an elderly neighbor made cheese blintzs for the local Jewish households. Her blintzes were savory, rather than sweet, and came in cheese and potato. I spent a fair amount of time searching, and now know all about the Gelfilte Fish Line and the Polish beet industry. All of which tells me that the elderly neighbor likely came from Lithuania or Ukraine. So, does anyone out there have an old family recipe for blintzes without sugar added? Thanks.


  • Posted by: Zephy
  • April 8, 2017


Nancy April 8, 2017
There are loads of recipes for Ukranian pierogi with either a cheese, a potato or a combined cheese potato filling. All savory. Any of these would be good in your blintz. Or you could also make the pierogi, using fresh pasta dough or (shortcut) ready made egg roll wrappers.
Michele April 8, 2017
My dad used to make these and while savory they weren't really savory as they could go both ways with a fruit compote topping or less so without. I think he used to use cottage cheese or something like a farmers cheer. Unfortunately I don't have the recipe but I think this one from Smitten Kitchen looks close to me. Hope this helps.
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