My bf and I are cooking for valentines day at his place. I had wanted to make chocolate souflet but then. Realized he doesn't have a food mixer. Do you have any ideas for a yummy chocolate desert I can make with no mixer?

  • Posted by: Dbrody
  • February 13, 2011


Sam1148 February 13, 2011
Does he have a blow torch? Bananas sliced like scallops..with a bit of of a bias. Dipped in sugar on the top only..placed on foil and a sheet pan..then carmalize the sugar to melt with the torch..really melt it to a toasted color, it should harden up like a cream burlee crust. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup on the plate and some berries for color.
cookinginvictoria February 13, 2011
How about brownies? They are easy to make and don't require a mixer. They can be dressed up with a bit of creme fraiche or ice cream or fresh berries.

Here are some of the brownie recipes on the food52 site:

My favorite brownie recipe is Milk Chocolate Brownies. It was published in Gourmet magazine a few years ago. So easy, and very delicious.

Or you could make the Chocolate Dump It Cake, a recipe created by Amanda's mother. It is chocolately and very good:
drbabs February 13, 2011
My husband's all time favorite dessert is chocolate pots de creme. Here is my recipe:
If you or your boyfriend don't like the spices, you can use whatever you do like.
Savorykitchen February 13, 2011
This is one of my go-to cakes when I need something make-ahead and fabulous:,0,875423.story The recipe makes 7 (!) servings, halve it and make 3 generous portions. It calls for a hand mixer, but you can easily whisk the eggs and sugar together. Make the batter hours ahead and then bake them right before you want to eat!
ellenl February 13, 2011
innoabrd February 13, 2011
chocolate mousse is pretty easy to whip-up by hand...
puresugar February 13, 2011
First thing that came to mind: truffles. Here's a recipe from Food52 with good notes on technique, if you need them.
You could also use the ganache as a layer of filling in a dolled-up ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies. Most (chewy textured drop cookies or roll and cut out) cookies will come out fine mixed by hand. Happy V-Day!
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