Freezing meals...looking for some pointers

I've been asked to prepare some meals for a family member. They have requested meatloaf and a veg, baby back ribs with corn on the cob and spaghetti and meatballs. Can these be successfully thawed and heated up in a microwave? Thank you!



caninechef April 17, 2017
There are so many great and easy options available in frozen veggies it seems like reinventing the wheel and making reheating the entre more complicated to freeze entire meals. I would opt for freezing serving size portions of various entrees and then package along with a frozen vegetable with info on how long to microwave each item. Lots of 1-2 serving size packages of frozen vegetables available and frozen corn on the cob can be repackaged for single serve microwaving.
Nancy April 14, 2017
For recommended freezing duraitons for each food or dish (and other useful info on keeping foods) see
jonakocht April 13, 2017
You'd want to package them in such a way that there is a minimum of air. Any of those can be heated fine in a microwave, though a slightly longer, gentler heating is usually better than just heating on high, I find. And I second the suggestion of freezing meat and veggies separately. By the time meats are heated through, many veggies are over cooked and less appetizing.
Big P. April 13, 2017
Aside from your thawing and reheating strategy, success will hinge on not leaving foods too long in the freezer... Label w/the date!
MMH April 13, 2017
I used to cook and freeze meals. I found it was a better idea not to freeze the vegetables together with the meat or main dish. For example, I would freeze individual portions of meatloaf and then add the vegetable when I was ready to reheat it. I would defrost the meatloaf and add frozen vegetables at that time if you are unable to use fresh.
Sam1148 April 13, 2017
Look on Amazon for divided microwavable plates with covers.
Here's a starting point.

For corn on the cob and most veggies. They need to be slightly blanched before freezing.
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