How to transform S'mores Girl Scout cookies into a dessert?

I have 3 or so boxes of S'mores Girl Scout cookies that I do not like. I'd like to repurpose them, perhaps as cookie butter frosting for a cake. Does anyone have any suggestions or handy recipes?

  • Posted by: Maria
  • April 20, 2017


Angela April 22, 2017
Which type do you have? There are two different bakers of Girl Scout cookies that have different selections. This year, they both have a smores cookie, but one is a sandwich cookie with chocolate and marshmallows filling and the other is more like a chocolate covered graham cracker. I tasted the sandwich cookie kind and found them good, but not great and probably would repurpose them if I had 3 boxes too. I've heard rave reviews of the other type from my parents who live in an ABC Baker zone.

For the graham cracker style, you could possibly turn them into a crust for a cheesecake, though I'm not sure what the chocolate would do there.

The sandwich cookies would make a good cookie butter. Or you could separate the filling from the cookies, and have crumbs to dip chocolate covered strawberries or candy apples in. Maybe chopped into chunks in a rocky road style brownie with mini marshmallows?
HalfPint April 21, 2017
There are recipes on the Girl Scouts site, that uses the cookies:
BerryBaby April 20, 2017
Repurposing won't change the taste, it will add another layer of flavor or texture.
I'd donate them as Nancy suggested.

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Nancy April 20, 2017
If you really don't like them, changing their form or adding other ingredients may not change your preference.
And still cost you additional time, ingredients, effort.
Maybe just give them to someone who likes them, or donate to a food bank.
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