Whenever I use KRASDALE products, my final dish always taste cheap :-/ what brands can I buy on a budget?


ChefJune February 14, 2011
Krasdale is the house brand of an New York area grocery chain called C-Town.

I've been pleased with the house brand of Whole Foods, called 365. The prices are very reasonable and the quality has been very good.
happycao February 14, 2011
Krasdale is seen in many grocery stores in the East side, I see it a lot in my supermarket but never use it, if you need to use generic brands try target.. but if you are close to a Trader joes that goes for around the same price and the quality is incomparable!
Nora February 13, 2011
What sorts of products does Krasdale make? I don't see that name in the stores here.
drbabs February 13, 2011
Can you be more specific about what you're trying to make? I've never heard of Krasdale--is it a store brand?
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