what is passata and what dishes can it be used in?



GIOVANNI50 October 18, 2013
Use passata after sauteeing some garlic, and onions in olive oil/butter. Reduce for about 15 minutes at low-medium heat for a basic marinara sauce...
Valentina S. October 17, 2013
tramledbygeese already gave a great answer, I'd just like to add a little something:
It is usually not used alone, but as a base: for pizza sauce, for pasta sauce, for braised meats, and many other things.
Don't use it by itself! either stir fry it with some olive oil and onion, or olive oil and garlic, or mix it with olive oil and herbs...

We (I am in northern Italy) use it for anything tomato when tomatoes are not in season (so anytime from october to april). Think of it as 'winter tomato', kind of.
pierino October 18, 2013
Yes, it's best not to think of passata as a "sauce". It's tomato puree but "looser" than what American shoppers are accustomed to. "Passare" means to strain or sieve something---such as tomatoes.

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trampledbygeese October 17, 2013
It's basically a kind of tomato sauce that has been strained to remove seeds and skin.

Personally I really like it and use it as a base for 'fast' pasta sauce or the start of a pizza sauce.

My go-to 'fast' food recipe for pasta: Fry up some finely chopped bacon and garlic, add a splash of wine, then add the sauce, salt, pepper, and cook on low, stirring occasionally. Turn on pasta water, cook pasta, drain pasta, add sauce. Also goes good with Gnocchi.
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