What are your favorite recipes using fresh currants?

I've used them in various jams and jellies... anything else I should try?

Jennifer St Clair


BerryBaby April 23, 2017
Muffins, coffee cakes.
cranberry April 23, 2017
We make German-style cakes and tarts with currants, as well as rote grutze which is a summer treat reminiscent of a jello-y dessert with a pudding component. You can google for recipes - mine are currently boxed up during our renovations, but many I got off the web anyway.
Nancy April 22, 2017
Also dairy dishes where you would mix in fruit...yogurt, ice cream, etc. See which color(s) you like best ...white, red, black...and if you want to add a bit of sugar.
PieceOfLayerCake April 22, 2017
They work well in pretty much any recipe you can use a cranberry or blueberry in, I find. Instead of traditional dried currants in scones, try using fresh currants. I have a blueberry scone recipe in my profile that you could substitute currants in.

You could also make a compote with currants and possibly some fresh orange and spoon it over grilled pork or duck.
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