German Recipe I think.

A very long time ago a college roommate used to make a savory pastry. I remember hard boiled eggs and chopped ham inside but that is about all the detail I can recall. Maybe parsley? I believe this was a German recipe as she had spent a semester there. I don’t remember the type of dough, typical tart maybe or puffed pastry? Dies this ring a bell with anyone? She made it log shape, rather like an apple strudel.



Maedl April 28, 2017
I see some strudel recipes calling for spinach and a hard boiled eggs on Google, but I don't think these recipes are particularly German. Was the pastry truly a strudel dough or was it thicker and denser? You might look at some recipes for koulibiac, too.
Maedl April 27, 2017
Your description doesn't ring any bells, but you might look at recipes for Zwiebelkuchen--an onion-egg-cream-bacon mixture baked over a yeast dough. For starters:
caninechef April 28, 2017
Thanks for reference but not very similar. This was a dry filling of chopped ham and sliced hard boiled eggs but I don't remember if anything else. It was strudel shaped. For all I know it was not German at all but something her mother had made up! Served with homemade mayo it was very good. I think of it as an Easter dish but again, maybe just because that is when she happened to make it.
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