Which holds liquid better, puff pastry or phyllo?

I am making escargot for Christmas, and don't use shells anymore. I can't remember which dough holds the butter mixture better. Can anyone help? I use mushrooms sometimes, but my niece doesn't like mushrooms. I know I have used puff pastry shells, or phyllo cups before, but don't recall which kept the juice in the cup better.

  • Posted by: Barbara
  • November 11, 2018
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1 Comment

Lost_in_NYC November 12, 2018
Both are delicate doughs but I would gather that puffy pastry has a bit more 'give' because of its thickness (but not by much) because phyllo is very fragile. However given that, both can get very soggy very quickly (think baklava with phyllo, although this is a good example!)

Also since both have different textures, it depends on what end effect you're going for with your dish! I would probably drain as much liquid as you can so you don't have a soggy mess at time of service!

Good luck!
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