If I was going to make pupusas ahead of time (say - midday to eat for dinner that night), would you recommend frying them, letting them cool, and then reheating? Or should I refrigerate them when formed and then fry them right beforehand? I cook for a family and trying to figure out the best way to make these for them for dinner (but I cook between 11am-12pm and they don't eat till 8ish...

Also, I haven't made pupusas before so if you have any tips, I'm all ears!

Jessica Lioon | garlicpressjess


Fran L. April 29, 2017
I make mine early in the day, shape them and let them sit between 2 sheets of cling wrap sprayed with olive oil. I briefly pan sauté them in iron skillet then serve. They get rubbery if you let cooked ones sit around. Don't forget the curtida!
Jessica L. April 30, 2017
Smaug April 29, 2017
As with anything fried, fresh is best. There's a demonstration video on epicurious.com (search pupusas).
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