i want to make fried doughnuts with glaze for a birthday party. the birthday is wednesday night. is it ok to make them the night before?

i know it is best to make them and have them right before serving, but because of my work schedule it isn't possible, and we are going to dinner beforehand so i wont have time to run home and make them before we head to the group party. my other option would be to make them the morning of. i'm worried in both scenarios sitting out for that long will make them too wet or stale.

  • Posted by: rosie
  • February 5, 2018


dinner A. February 6, 2018
In my experience, doughnuts have a steep and fast downhill slide in quality after emerging from the fryer. I think doughnuts from that morning let alone the night before wouldn't be much of a treat anymore. It might be possible to refresh them, un-glazed, soon before eating in the oven and then glaze them, although I haven't tried that. If it were me though, I'd make some other snack whose charms are less evanescent.
rosie February 6, 2018
thank you! i have been reading similar accounts of drop in quality. i did read that shortening can help with this. i also am debating frying in am but re-warming and glazing later. they must be donuts as its for a simpsons/donut obsessive but i might try to bring them by as a pre birthday surprise so i can make them tonight.
rosie February 5, 2018
sorry! i did not mean to post twice. the website went haywire on me. it isnt THAT urgent :)
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