Are there any potential problems with storing vinegars (champagne, true balsamic, apple cider, etc) in the refrigerator? I just moved and somehow didn't realize the diminutive cabinetry and counter space in my new place...the bottles are too tall and I can't move the shelves! Many thanks.



darabekah February 15, 2011
Thanks all - vinegar is safely in the fridge :)
Savorykitchen February 15, 2011
I want your fridge! Mine barely has room for the food I want to store in it. :-)
Greenstuff February 14, 2011
You may be the first person I've ever heard of to store something in the refrigerator because there's no room for it outside! But if that's what works for you, it's certainly no problem.
phyllis February 14, 2011
No, and, in fact, vinegars will last longer if stored in a cool dark place or in the fridge.
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