I'm making a caramelized fennel and orange salad that calls for a sherry vinegar/dijon mustard vinaigrette BUT I don't have sherry vinegar. I have red, white wine, pomegranate, balsamic and apple cider vinegars. Which should I use as a decent replacement? Thanks!

  • Posted by: glp
  • February 11, 2011


nutcakes February 12, 2011
I don't find sherry vinegar subtle or sweet. To me it is really distinctive and assertive. There isn't really a replacement, but any vinegar will do instead of none in a pinch and you have some good suggestions above.
jessm4 February 11, 2011
yu-uhhhmmmm you should upload this recipe on your profile. and i like latoscana's thoughts on the subject.
MaryMaryCulinary February 11, 2011
One of the wine vinegars would be nice, or you could use lemon or lime juice in combination with the citrus in the salad. I make a lot of fennel and orange salad, and always use citrus juice in the dressing.
latoscana February 11, 2011
I would think a combination of red wine and pomegranate might be good with fennel and citrus (which sounds great, BTW). Sherry has such a deep, grape flavor, even in vinegar, and I wonder if pomegranate would also echo those fruit tones.
susan G. February 11, 2011
The mustard is such a strong taste, I doubt that the subtle nature of the sherry vinegar would be detectable.
Lexmccall February 11, 2011
I second that, but go easy on the balsamic. Just a drizzle should be enough, not a 50/50 mix with the wine vinegar.
hardlikearmour February 11, 2011
I'd go with a mix of balsamic and one of the wine vinegars - which ever tastes best to you. It won't be exactly like the sherry vinegar, but a rough approximation and should work. (I seriously just tasted vinegar combos vs. sherry vinegar to try to figure this one out.)
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