Sorry, don't know where else to ask this ? - Because of recent dietary restrictions, I need to re-configure my 'SAVED' files. How do I delete som...

...ething I had saved? Please help

tamater sammich
Nineteenth Century: Roman Punch
Recipe question for: Nineteenth Century: Roman Punch


Liz D. May 16, 2017
If you go into the collection, then there is a button on the top right that says "Edit this Collection." If you click on that, then each recipe has a little "x" in the upper right corner, which will remove from collection
caninechef May 16, 2017
Under the picture of each my collections is an edit button. If you press the edit button the recipes come up with a delete button in the upper right hand corner.
tamater S. May 16, 2017
I see this edit button you speak of, but it appears to be for editing the whole collection, and I just want to delete some recipes WITHIN that collection. For example, I have five recipes saved in a collection, titled "Drinks"- and when I click the edit button, I see "Are you sure you want to delete "Drinks"?" No! I want to delete two or three recipes IN the "Drinks" file!
tamater S. May 16, 2017
I had already got that far, clicking on the X in the circle, and it wasn't working - HOWEVER, I just now realized what I was doing wrong....I was failing to click the 'SAVE' bar.
Thank you so much, caninechef, for persevering with me! YaaaaY!
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