I will be in Stockholm this summer, any suggestions on can't miss restaurants there?

  • Posted by: Rachel
  • May 23, 2017


Rachel June 24, 2017
Greetings from Stockholm! Thanks so much for your suggestions! Could not get to all of them, but I did have the chance to visit urban deli, Fotografiska, (tried to go to meatballs for the people, but it was closed for midsummer weekend), and Mathias Dahlgren's pair of restaurants... Rutabaga (vegan/vegetarian) and Matbaren. The staff was flawless there. Their housemade raspberry and star anise aquavit will blow your hair back. Couldn't recommend more highly if you have the chance to go back. Am still here for a few more days, so will hope to go to a few more suggestions. Food52 people, I truly appreciate your time and your advice. :)
Lost_in_NYC June 1, 2017
Btw, depending on how long you're there for, definitely look into getting the Stockholm Pass - it will save you money on public transportation and admission fees to the different sites (free admission is included in the pass). It will basically pay for itself if you use it visit 3-5 sites and use public trams/subways. They have a great, clean metro system.
tranquility May 30, 2017
There are so many great restaurants (and cafés) there. A few of my favorites restaurants, cafés, and food related places:
Rolfs Kök - great food (the red wine braised cheeks of ox are super tasty), nice atmosphere, make sure to make a reservation if you want to go here because it's not super big and it's popular

Wedholms Fisk - in my opinion the best fish restaurant in town, pretty high price point but worth it (the bleak roe starter is a MUST)

Lilla Ego - tasty seasonal food, reservation is unfortunately a must

Ekstedt - cool concept place where everything is done over an open fire, reservation is a must here too

Shanti - tasty Bengal/Indian food, the staff is a bit overworked at times though

Fotografiska - it's the photography museum in town (which is excellent) and it has a great restaurant, because it's in the museum you have to pay the entrance fee, good place for lunch

Bageri Petrus - won the award for best bakery in Sweden this year, very tasty treats, not much space so just buy your treat and walk around the area

Vete-Katten - classic café, it has everything from great sandwiches and salads to classic Swedish cookies and fancy desserts

18 Smaker and StikkiNikki have the best ice cream in town (great vegan options too)

Sally Voltaire & Systrar - located in one of the big the big department stores and has healthy food, portions are big but the price it at times a bit steep

Östermalmshallen - great food market, unfortunately the real one is undergoing major construction work so it's currently in a massive temporary building taking up almost the entire square outside

Paradiset Matmarknad - a mini chain of grocery stores with several locations, focuses heavily on organic products, I just love walking around here

Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren - super tasty food (in my opinion) in a bistro setting (it's basically the bistro version of a previous restaurant he had), a reservation can be a good idea (going by restaurant reviews here you should not bother with his latest restaurant Rutabaga)

Rosendals Trädgårdskafé - located in a big garden a bit outside of the city center of Stockholm, great little excursion

Drop Coffee - if you're a coffee need this is a good place to go (it's also hipster central), located pretty close to Bageri Petrus

Also, it's a classic café but I'd suggest you avoid Sturekatten, it's way past its prime
Rachel May 30, 2017
Thank you so much for your suggestions, I'm really looking forward to the trip!!
Bevi May 30, 2017
Meatballs for the People, in Sodermalm. I have a few other places to mention, but have to look them up.
Bevi May 30, 2017
Urban Deli Sodermalm
Bevi May 30, 2017
Tradition, which is located in Gamla Stan, very near the Castle. The food is traditional Swedish cuisine with a modern twist. The place is classic Scandinavian spare and light decor and sitting at the bar gets you that attention you deserve. There are a dozen different aquavits to try - all herbal and spice seasoned. It's a little pricey, but worth it.
Bevi May 30, 2017
Get a drink at the Grand Hotel. A great view and excellent people watching. Word has it that POTUS Obama took over the entire place with his entourage when he went to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.
tranquility May 31, 2017
Just want to add that Urban Deli is great.

Also while Obama did basically book out the entirety of Grand Hotel in Stockholm for his visit in 2013 it was for a visit not for the Nobel Peace Price which is handed out in Oslo, unlike the rest of the Nobel Prizes. But yeah, the drinks are good at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.
Lost_in_NYC May 28, 2017
Hi Rachel, check out they make amazing pizza and have great local beers on tap!

The restaurant at the Fotograkisa museum has great views of the bay, but is a little expensive. Make sure to eat all the cinnamon-cardamom buns they have at all the bakeries.
Bevi May 30, 2017
Rachel, I just want to mention two trips we made that we enjoyed - both with a Smorgasbord. The Carl Larssen House is a 2 hour train ride north of Stockholm and Uppsala. Once you reach the station in Falun, you can get a cab to the House. Arrange for the taxi to pick you up at least 2 hours later.
The other trip involves taking a 20th century boat to the Artipelag Museum, which was built with funds provided by the Baby Bjorn company.
You can buy tickets for the Artipelag at any of the waterside kiosks. Look for coupons that you can apply to this outing.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 28, 2017
I'm sorry you haven't received any answers to this yet Rachel, I'm bumping it back up to the top in hopes of getting more eyes on it!
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