Fresh cilantro stored in fridge

I had some fresh cilantro stored in a plastic bag on a paper towel in the fridge and it has been there for a week and a half. I just pulled it out for a recipe and noticed some of it had slime and black on it, so I pulled that off, washed and only used the green fresh looking parts for the recipe, but when I went to put the bag away, I noticed there was a lot of slime and black leaves in the rest of the bag to the extent I just threw it out. I already added it to the recipe. Is it safe to eat the food I used it in?

  • Posted by: Cad976
  • May 25, 2017


Nancy May 26, 2017
Also for futures...soft leafy herbs last 10 days-2 wkvin fridge if stored upright like flowers in water, with a plartic bag draped over the top of the container (& left loosely oen).
MMH May 26, 2017
I agree. But remember there is more flavor in the stems so even if the leaves are unpleasant, you can purée the stems in their place in a sauce or marinade.
dinner A. May 26, 2017
Yes. The type of bacteria that causes cilantro to rot is very, very unlikely to be harmful. If you cooked it you're extra safe. If not, I would still not worry, but your finished dish might not keep very well since the cilantro might still rot within it.
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